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No Filters Just Faces

Hi, We Are Destiny is Beauty Makeup Artists in Kampala


Our  Makeup Artists provide a wide range of cosmetic services within Kampala and Bridal Makeup throughout Uganda. From your general day to day look all the way through to high end weddings and photoshoots Immie and the team are here for you.  We are passionate about our work and whether you use our senior MUA, ImmieT or one of our Associate Makeup Artists you are guaranteed outstanding Makeup.


Immie is qualified to International Standards at Level 4 in general, wedding, tv and film, special occasion, editorial and photoshoot cosmetics.

Our Makeup Artists are based in Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda and can cover most of Uganda .


"I never look in the mirror until Immie has finished, I like the surprise of seeing the final look.  She is the best makeup artist in town, maybe even Uganda"

Leticia Namboze ~ Model

"Immies work always amazes me, the detail and colours always work perfectly.  She is an extremely talented MUA who could work anywhere in the world"

Marie Whyatt ~ Former MUA Lancome UK
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