Frequently Asked Questions

ImmieT of Destiny is Beauty Makeup Artists Kampala

Are you the best makeup artist in Kampala or Uganda ?

It's a really big claim for anyone to say they are the best makeup artist in Uganda or even Kampala so we don't make that claim , that is for our clients to decide, and many do say that Immie is the best makeup artist they have ever used .  Saying anyone is the best makeup artist in Uganda is opinion based and we would rather deal in facts .  We can confidently say that Immie is the only makeup artist in Kampala that is a member of the International Association of Makeup Artists.  We can also say that she is probably the only qualified internationally recognised level 3 makeup artist and will soon be the only level 4 internationally recognised makeup and skin care specialist in Uganda.  Whether you think she is the best makeup artist in Kampala is a decision for you not us !

What is so special about Immies Qualifications ?

In reality Immie started out as a self trained makeup artist, which is nothing unusual, and is the case with most of Ugandas makeup artists.  However what Immie has learnt studying with some of the worlds top make up artists like Bobbi Brown is the more technical side of makeup artistry like how to deal with different skin types, different skin shades, how to deal with complex skin issue.  There is much much more to being a makeup artist than just making someone look good .  There are all sorts of other more complex issues affecting how makeup settles and how it gives the matches to the personality of the person wearing it , particularly with eye makeup there is a lot to consider such as shape and minimising the risk of infection

What about your makeup products ?

Getting the balance right between your skills as a makeup artist and using the right products is critical .  |Due to our unique supply chain we know 100% that every product we use is completely genuine.  Our products are directly purchased from major European suppliers then shipped exclusively for us .  Our products are specially selected for the best quality, durability, suitability for the occasion and price.  Our range of products is diverse we have some really exclusive high pigment makeup that is really great for a night out, but it probably wouldn't last the day so is not suitable as wedding makeup equally or YSL Touche Eclat foundations are really expensive and exclusive so we wouldn't usually use these for a night out but these would be our go to for the catwalk or wedding makeup . In stock we have over 140 different colours of eyeshadow , over 20 foundations and close on 60 lipsticks just as an example.  If we haven't got what you want us to use, don't worry for those special events we can get the product in stock within 2 weeks ! 

How do you manage to keep your make over prices low ?

This question links in to all the others above.  As a qualified makeup artist we receive substantial discounts from our suppliers also because our supply chain is built into our business model there are no 3rd parties trying to make a profit this enables us to keep prices low and quality high .  Seriously, try us, you won't be disappointed  !