Skincare by GlowGirls 256

When we first started our Makeup Services it became apparent that sourcing high quality, authentic skincare products in Uganda was almost impossible, and as skincare is so crucial to getting a flawless makeup look we decided to open a skincare section within our Ntinda makeup studio . From the outset we wanted to make sure that every product was genuine and vowed to only sell products from authorised suppliers in the UK and Europe .  We started out selling a few Dove products in Kampala and within a year we expanded to stock well over 100 UK skincare products and toiletries. The results for our clients have been better than even we expected and it showed us that by using authentic products and getting the right skincare advice results can really be achieved.  Due to our relationship with suppliers in the UK if there are questions that Immie can't answer she can rapidly reach out to experts in the UK for advice .  So with GlowGirls256 you get authentic products, support from a skincare specialist who has back up from the UK and, we believe, some of the best customer service anywhere - what more could you ask for ? Our online shop only has some of our key products listed visit us at GlowGirls256 to see more of our range or send us a message for your specific needs.

Our Skincare Range

Our range of UK Acne Products in Uganda is unrivalled from the odd pimple all the way through to cystic acne we can help .  We stock a large range of Neutrogena Products for all skin types for people with mild to severe acne and for cystic acne and stubborn acne we stock the world renowned range from Carbon Theory .  Carbon Theory is a UK company and, we have to be honest, their products are giving our clients massive results .

For Hyperpigmentation we stock a large range of serums in a variety of price brackets , we have a large number of repeat customers for Balance Active Formula and have recently added a range of Revolution London Serums including their hugely successful Dark Spot Corrector.

There is an endless list of skin conditions that we can help to treat and your first step should always be to contact Immie for a completely free skincare consultation.  We will not tell you to buy something on the back of a Facebook post , we want to ensure that only recommend the products that can make a real difference .  You only get one skin - look after it .

Shower Time 

Shower times should be a moment of relaxation and you should leave the shower feeling clean and refreshed.  Why not check out our range of shower products from the UK to help you feel clean, smooth and smell amazing ?  From Dove Body Polishes to Scrubs from Dirty Works exfoliating has never been more refreshing .  With Body Butters from Ginger & Co and Dirty Works moisturising has never smelt so good, and as always if you aren't in to the heavy scents then we have a large range of Dove moisturisers .  Even if you have sensitive skin we have a product for you .