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ImmieT ~ Senior Makeup Artist

International Association of Professional Makeup Artists

Skin Care Specialist

Professional Makeup Artist

ImmieT is our Senior MUA and founder of Destiny is Beauty.  Immie is an internationally qualified makeup artist and studied with makeup schools based in the USA and UK for over 2 years.  One of Immies highlights was a zoom call with one of the UKs best known makeup artists, Bobbi Brown.  Prior to working in the makeup industry Immie was a Miss Uganda finalist, an actor and a professional model.  Immie is really passionate about makeup and giving her clients the best she can, most of her clients have become friends, some even attended her wedding in July 2022 ! So what makes Immie different to a YouTube trained makeup artist ? Well, being qualified means you have to understand skin care and preparation as well as knowing, not just how to do something but why it's done, this is why she is often described by clients as the 

Best Makeup Artist in Uganda

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