ImmieT The Story


Immie T , originally Ijang Immaculate was born in the North of Uganda, moving to Kampala to attend senior school . As a child Immie always wanted to be a model and enjoy the glamour of the catwalk ! This was later to become a way of her financing her studies at Makere University .  Immie needed to do something different so in 2015 decided to give Miss Uganda a try , to this day she cannot believe she made it to the finals , but she did ! 

During this same period Immie decided to try her hand at acting and appeared in a short film in 2015 called 'Silent Depression', though she admits that acting was never really her thing.

After becoming disillusioned with modelling and finding some of the demands were beyond what she expected Immie decided to study to be a makeup artist with colleges in the UK and USA and that brings us to ImmieT .

Question:  What makes DIB makeup different?

Answer: 95% of our makeup is directly sourced from suppliers in the UK and Europe.  Many of our products are not generally available in Uganda or are very costly meaning we are able to offer a premium service at a lower price.

Question: There are a lot of Makeup Artists in Kampala, how are you different?

Answer: We don't view our customers as just a source of money, most of our customers become friends - we call it the DIB Family .  As for our products, they are directly sourced from UK suppliers, so it is exactly what it says on the bottle - if it says it's Sleek it is 100% Sleek.



Question: If you are using premium products aren't you expensive ?

Answer: No, only buy at the best possible price.  These savings are passed on to our customers.  Obviously we may cost a little more than some, but we do cost a lot less than others .  Considering the products we use, we probably represent the best value for money in Kampala. 

Question: You say Immie is Internationally Qualified ?  Can you tell us more ?

Answer:  Yes, Immie is qualified to Level 3 in Makeup , Wedding and Event Makeup , Stage Makeup .  She is part way to her Level 4 Skincare and Makeup qualification .  These are all international qualifications and Immie has been taught by Bobbi Brown .  Immies international training means she can work at a very high level on all skin types and tones.