So you want to learn Makeup ?

Makeup is not as easy as many think , and a large class setting is not the best method of learning; often overpriced ineffective and doesn't leave you feeling confident.

Makeup lessons with Destiny is Beauty are a lot different , often our lessons are one on one with Immie, occasionally there may be two of you .  Further more, it's really important to have a mentor or makeup buddy and we provide that with both Immie and Patience.  Immie was mentored through part of her training by Bobbi Brown and this had a huge impact on her motivation and development.

Immie will guide you through every aspect of makeup artistry - eyes, lips, face - shadow, stick and foundation .  You will learn how to blend to achieve the flawless look that you want to achieve.

What Makes Our Makeup Lessons Different ?

Not only are our makeup lessons 1 on 1, at the end you will undertake an assessment.  All you need to do is find your models.  On the day we will help you build your profile and to achieve that we will provide you with a beauty photographer for you very own in studio photoshoot.

Immie will assess your work and then pass images over to our colleagues in the UK , once they have discussed your work you will get either a pass or distinction pass ( we train you not to fail ) and then you will get a certificate signed by Immie and one of our UK colleagues.  Our certificates are fully verifiable and cannot be forged !

Success Stories

We can't guarantee your success in life , but our structured and certified makeup lessons will help you on your way .

Our associate makeup artist , Patience, started her career with us back in 2021, she is now working for us as an MUA and getting her advanced training whilst getting paid by us !.