Special Occasion Makeup

" I believe all women are pretty without makeup - but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful "


Bobbi Brown 

Immie offers the finest when it come to special occasion makeup in Kampala, ensuring you look stylish and elegant for any event .

Our makeup artists will are committed to making sure our clients look the absolute best and you will receive a bespoke look  tailored especially for you developed around your features, personality and style, at all times bringing out your natural beauty.

Immie knows how to apply the right look and makeup technique to suit your face and advise on the best colour choices for you, whether you want to blend in or stand out. We also use the highest quality products that are designed to impress in real life and in photos.  You can be confident that whether it's Immie or Patience that takes care of you they will create a look that really suits who you are whether that's bold, sophisticated or dripping with charm.

Occasion makeup takes about 90 minutes, and of course, if you need a hair style to match Emur will be on hand to advise on cost and what look will be best for you.

Wherever possible please book occasion makeup in advance, this is a highly technical makeup and we want to ensure we are prepared for you .

Special Events include - Red Carpet, Black Tie, Award Ceremonies, Public Speaking Events, Parties, Prom, Graduation, Job Interviews, Girls Night Out, Festival Makeup, Wedding Guest, Corporate Functions

Prom Makeup

Immie and Patience understand how important your Prom is, celebrating your achievements and saying goodbye to your friends.


Chances are this may be the first big event you've attended and we want to help you celebrate your success .  Immie and Patience will pull out all the stops to help you celebrate your empowerment as a successful young lady, and because you are special, to celebrate with you , bring a friend and we will give you both the look you deserve and you will only pay for one make over .  If you need your hair jazzed up , let us know and we will make sure Emur is available, feel free to bring a friend or photographer to take some in studio photos.  Lets make this day special for you ! 

Prom Makeup in Kampala
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