Queen Makeup 100,000 UGX

Our Queen Makeup at just 100,000ugx is perfect for special event that you want to get noticed at, maybe it's your birthday, red carpet event, a wedding, big night out or any occasion whereyou want to make an impression at. Comes complete with lashes.  Makeup so good we call it the ImmieT signature service. 

Makeup In Kampala

Princess Makeup 70,000 UGX

Perfect if you want to catch attention but not steal the show.  Perfect for graduation, business event, more formal photoshoot where you want good detail but something that doesn't attract too much attention. Doesn't come with lashes. But don't worry if you want lashes it's just an extra 15,000 ugx.


Oh So Natural Makeup 50,000 UGX


The kind of makeup Immie and Patience wear most days in the studio.  Flawless foundation and an eye that makes less of a statement.  It would be easy to describe it as basic makeup, but it's far from basic, it's a high quality make-over that will fit perfectly for a job interview, an important meeting in the office or dinner with friends.  The kind of makeup for someone who isn't usually a makeup kind of person it fits really well into almost every aspect of life.

ImmieT Best Makeup Artist in Uganda