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Makeup Training in Kampala

We offer makeup training in our studio in Ntinda with Immie.  It's much more that training, it's an Academy of Faces where, depending on your training package, you will learn all the different aspects of makeup artistry along with enough skin care to ensure you give a great look every time.  At the end of the course you will be presented with a certificate and can earn a pass, merit or distinction.  

Why Learn Makeup With Us ?

  • You will be trained by Immie, not by anyone else (though our other MUA's will play a part).

  • Lessons are 2 students at a time, not large classes.

  • You will get a certificate that can be verified online.

  • We supply all the makeup and tools - all we ask is you bring your own wipes.

  • Once qualified, we may ask you to work with Immie (paid of course) on large events.

  • As we expand we may employ new MUA's.  Learning with us gives you a head start.


What Next ?

  1. Decide why you want to learn Makeup, is if for yourself or to start a business ?

  2. Contact us to discuss with Immie what you want out of the course.

  3. Book your course.

  4. That's it - it's really that simple and not as costly as you may think !


You will need to :-

  1. Make sure you are committed to learn.

  2. Practice !

  3. Buy wipes !

  4. Find a few friends who want you to do their makeup in studio for your assessments.

  5. Turn up as agreed and enjoy !

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